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Residential Projects

Residential design is a passion of mine and was the underlining inspiration of my becoming an architect. While not having practiced residential work full time, I have always had interest and side projects working on additions and renovations of existing homes in Dallas. With the creation of Architectural Response, I am pursuing more residential design work for additions, renovations, and new custom single-family homes not only in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex area of North Texas but in other metropolitan areas of Texas where I have worked on interior architectural projects like Austin and Houston.

The design approach Architectural Response uses is designed to achieve the greatest value of the client’s investment as possible with thorough and detailed space analysis to achieve the highest level of efficiency and with minimal waste. My background and experience with interior space planning, combined with a deep understanding of how my clients plan to live in their home, provide space efficiencies often not realized by clients. Utilizing saved expenses from space efficiency helps afford the use of better materials resulting in greater quality and less quantity. Along with space efficiency, today’s homes should be designed with sustainability and energy savings in mind. The high level of investment realized in today’s homes demand sustainability, not just to comply with code but also to offset the expense of construction over time initially and cost savings in the long term. Today’s homes should be designed with the flexibility of use so that they can easily change as needed over time. Additionally, modern homes should be designed for durability and longevity and with equipment and materials that are as low in maintenance as possible.

With regards to style, we all have our favorites but I always put my client’s preferences before mine and do my best to provide the greatest aesthetic possible within my client’s preferred style. However, I always feel it is my responsibility to advise my client if I feel they may be making a design decision that is not in the best interest of their investment and not aligned with the project’s vernacular.

I look forward to working with you and your family to provide the best Architectural Response possible to the hopes and dreams of your home.

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